Lord Ferrister marches on…

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Lord Ferrister books have been an on-going project of mine for a few years and continue to be my number one priority.

My  Lord Ferrister’s World Blog Talk Radio show is an additional element and this has exceeded all expectations in terms of “listen” numbers and profile visits and is showing a steady upward trend in “live” listens, which is most encouraging.

Shows take quite a long time to put together, although I’m sure it doesn’t always sound that way! So I have to limit myself and the Ferrister  Hall Players to about one new show every three weeks or so, although one of the great benefits of BTR is the archive facility and all the shows to date are  available there.

So Lord Ferrister marches on……..

Oh! and our guest today is Border Terrier “Little Mac,” who appears courtesy of Norman Jones. Click on his picture and see him in all his glory.








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Lord Ferrister’s World Radio – Show Four

I’m still trying to spread the Lord Ferrister word Imogen.

Maybe when you’re a bit older you can listen to the archive.

Anyway, here’s show number four and a big thankyou is due once again to the Ferrister Hall Players for another great performance in the gripping saga “Downtrodden Abbey.” .

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Lord Ferrister’s World Radio – Show Three

Oh to be in England!

Our radio show – Lord Ferrister’s World – is making headway; so thanks to all you listeners who have put us on the first few pages of BlogTalkRadio’s FAMILY category.

Now we hope to build on a strong start with more child-friendly shows from our studio here at Ferrister Hall.

Keep listening folks, you might get a mention!

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