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Lord Ferrister’s World Radio – Show Two

Pre-war Morris Eight

Somehow, old cars and radio shows always go together in my vintage head.

Among the joys of my youth, when school was over, were car spotting; lots like the one in the picture, and listening to the wireless and the children’s programmes on offer.

Now in my own small way I am trying to recreate the old radio days, I can’t bring the cars back!

Show One last week exceeded all my expectations with over 8000 people tuning in.

So here’s Show Two – let’s see how we go this time.

We have Episode One of Downtrodden Abbey and Chapter One of Lord Ferrister Finds a Circus this week.

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Lord Ferrister’s World Radio – Show One

Today I am pleased to have aired our very first Lord Ferrister’s World radio show.

It was a pilot at 22 minutes and in future we will be aiming nearer to the 30 minute mark, but maintaining the same approach of short items that will be kept in future shows for continuity.

One benefit of Blog Talk Radio is that archived shows can be downloaded easily, but in any event, we will be aiming for a regular time slot each week – to be announced soon and of course  we will put all programmes here on our Website.

What we want is for children to have a safe and reliable place to visit and to contribute their own ideas for the show.

These can include plays, to be acted out by our resident team, The Ferrister Hall Players.

Next time I will be reading Part One of Lord Ferrister Finds a Circus and soon after that will follow Episode One of our family saga, Downtrodden Abbey.

So wish us luck with our brand new, old style radio programme, tune in and be part of it. .





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Lord Ferrister’s World – The Radio Show – Part One Preview

Oh those happy radio days with Tommy Handley, Ted Ray, Arthur Askey and from America through the Forces Broadcasts; the peerless Jack Benny with Rochester and Mary Livingstone.

My favourite though was Children’s Hour with Uncle Mac; a show of our own where we knew that Mr. Grouser and Larry the Lamb would be there waiting the following week after school.

Gone forever? No not quite, because through lordferristerbooks and the magic of Lord Ferrister’steam driven generator and transmitter, we are turning back the clock with our radio show “Lord Ferrister’s World.”

Just click on that lovely old wireless set for a preview as we present Part One of the first show.

I think I ‘ll try it myself.


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