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Anthony in his study in 2012

There are four Lord Ferrister books at present :




  Currently available in KINDLE format are:

  Book 1 – Lord Ferrister Find a Circus

  Book  2 – Lord Ferrister Welcomes You

  Book 3 – Lord Ferrister Keeps His Word

  Book 4 – Lord Ferrister Has a Plan

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Book 5 – Lord Ferrister Turns Detective is underway




Says Sweetie Berry 

“Imagine a delightful afternoon spent with a child or two or three where you share a world of honor, fun, and friendship.  

No need to worry about scary things, or monsters, simply a shared 

experience of a friendly nature with characters who invite you into their world.  This is the world of  Lord Ferrister Books.” 


What other readers say:

Adam Hoffman aged 12 – Ireland

 I really enjoy the Lord Ferrister books. They’re very easy to read and have a great storyline.”


Robbie Hess (Professional Editor)

“This (Lord Ferrister Finds a Circus) is a delightful book and I am glad I had the opportunity to read it.”  


Nicole Axon Aged 11

Lancashire UK 

“I enjoyed reading this story so much.

It has a very enjoyable storyline, with charming characters that develop their personalities throughout the book. It is all described so well.”

 Lorna Pink (Adult reader)

Merseyside UK

 “What a joy to be transported to the village of Ferrister Major where traditional values and respect for others are alive and well!”

Great Escapism!

 Michele Spratley (Teenage reader)

 (North Wales, UK)

“Lord Ferrister is a wonderfully eccentric character, from a long-forgotten age of chivalry, courtesy, and community-spirited fun. Readers will learn important lessons for life, from the ways in which he and his friends deal with the challenges they face. “


Norman Jones – Pembrokeshire UK

(Adult reader)

With a cast of engaging characters led by the eponymous and gloriously eccentric Lord Ferrister, the author has created a wonderfully nostalgic world filled with magical and lovingly  sculpted imagery”